The two days in Vienna were peppered with various highlights awaiting the 60 young people on this year’s JUM Safari. Participating in this trip were the JUM groups 2007 and 2015 (JUM = Young Entrepreneurs in the MMM-Club), joined by a selection of young executives (focus on trade and industry) who were successful in securing a place. The first highlight right at the outset was a meeting with Sebastian Kurz, the 30-year-old Foreign Minister of the Republic of Austria, who will stand for election as Federal Chancellor in October. A primary topic was digitisation and the opportunities it presents particularly for rural areas. “We must promote innovation so our young entrepreneurs can develop products that are able to compete in the global market,” Sebastian Kurz underlined in a talk with the JUMs.

Food expert Hanni Rützler gave an interesting insight into the future trends of the food sector. Lisa Byfield-Green (LZ Retail Lab) explained how Amazon Fresh is revolutionising the retail landscape, before INTERSPAR CEO and co-host Markus Kaser revealed the cornerstones of success of the Austrian retail giant. Markus Webhofer (Institute for Brand Logic) addressed “Retail as a brand – the brand in retail”, while Dominic Blanc (POS Pulse), Bela Seebach (Just Spices) and Europe’s most successful food Youtube personality, Saliha “Sally” Özcan, related three young success stories.

A special highlight of the trip was the soirée at the NENI am Naschmarkt restaurant, where the JUM participants were treated to delicacies of Israeli cuisine, while enjoying the presence of Neni founder Haya Molcho and her family. The event was a true reflection of MMM club culture put into practice and has left a deep impression on everyone!


JUM Safari Vienna

JUMs meet Sebastian Kurz

JUM soirée at NENI