Pioneering Retail

On 7/8 June, this year’s JUM Safari – the format for the younger generation – will take us all the way to Prague. Participating in this trip will be the JUM groups 2007 and 2015 (JUM = Young Entrepreneurs in the MMM-Club), joined by a selection of young executives (focus on trade and industry) who were successful in securing a place. Awaiting them will be a once again exciting programme, taglined “Pioneering Retail”, with talks by COOs and CEOs of Billa and Globus Czech Republic, store checks, contributions on the topic of digitisation in retail and a walking tour through Prague as well as an evening get-together at ESKA, an exciting gastronomic concept with industrial flair in the Czech metropolis. The programme is available for download right here on this page. Please note that the number of places is limited. If you are interested in going, please apply by contacting the MMM office at info@mmm-club.de.

Programme to download
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Simone Krah
Udo Creusen
Dimitrios Prodromou
Sebastian Diehl
Hans- Jörg Bauer
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