“Basically it is always the connections between people that give value to life.”

Wilhelm von Humboldt

The MMM Club today

Creating value

Connecting people, sharing ideas, imagining and feeling the future: as a club for entrepreneurs we bring together leading personalities from retail, industry and the associated economic sectors. We want to enrich the life of our members, be a source of encouragement to look beyond the end of your own nose, and allow progressive thinkers and creators of meaning to have their say.

At MMM we are advocates for a responsible retail sector with a long-term focus. We do what we do with style and passion.

“A German business institution” FAZ

Ideas can trigger positive changes in retail, and even change the world. So we invite entrepreneurs, progressive thinkers and decision makers, and create a pleasant setting for exchanging experiences. Our events include:

  • MMM Congress: for more than 50 years this has been the sector event at the start of the year for the consumer goods industry
  • "MMM opens doors”: our practical format for retailers and companies in the MMM family to introduce themselves
  • Study trips to foreign markets to expand horizons and maintain the club culture
  • MMM Think Tank
  • JUM (Young Entrepreneurs in MMM) to support the next generation of retail and industry.